Construction Costs - Line Item

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Line item tab on Construction cost Dialog



Enter the name of this Component cost component.


Enter the name of this Component cost component.


The category cannot be changed on the dialog.


The way line item data is entered depends on which of these 2 categories is selected:


DesignBuilder - Line item data is read automatically from the current results on the Cost and Carbon tab when opening the dialog, If the cost calculations are updated then data on this dialog must also be updated by re-opening the dialog and saving it again.
User defined - Up to 10 line item data items can be entered manually.

Number of line items

Enter the number of line items to be inputs up to a maximum of 10. The number is fixed at 8 for cost data from the DesignBuilder category.


Each line item entered creates a cost line item in the EnergyPlus input and contributes to the total building cost estimate.


When using the DesignBuilder cost estimate, all Line items are obtained by first running the Cost and Carbon calculation. The line items are obtained from the sub totals in this output:


Structure costs
HVAC costs
Lighting costs
Sub-structure costs
Super structure costs
Glazing costs
Renewables costs
Surface finish costs


For details on how these costs are calculated, refer to the Cost and Carbon calculation section.


Alternatively, you can use your own line item data (as opposed to those calculated by DesignBuilder) by selecting a Component cost component from the User defined folder. Data from this folder has all fields editable.


Line items are reported by EnergyPlus and displayed in tabular form on the Summary tab of the Simulation screen:



Line item type

The only option in the version is 1-General.

Item name

This field is used to refer to a specific instance of an object.

Cost per each

This field is used to enter cost information on per-each basis. The unit is local currency.


This field is used to directly enter the line item quantity. The units should correspond to what is used in the Per Each field.