Génération d'électricité sur site

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Generation tab in model data


EnergyPlus provides a range of different on site electricity generation options and these are coordinated during the simulation through use of one or more Electric load centres. These define how the various generation components are operated and coordinated together.


DesignBuilder currently supports 2 types of electric generator:


Photovoltaic (PV) solar collectors, and,
Wind turbines.


Settings for electricity generation are made at Building level on the Generation tab under the On Site Electricity Generation header.




Note: The order of the Electric load centre objects selected on the HVAC tab is significant and is used to structure how generators are dispatched, the first load centres and generators being managed before the later ones. Therefore in the above example, Load centre 1 effectively has a higher priority than Load centre 2 etc. A certain amount of caution is needed to avoid conflicting operating schemes.